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The McLoughlin Area Business Alliance, comprised of approximately 200 members, is dedicated to the ECONOMIC VITALITY OF BUSINESSES along the McLoughlin corridor and nearby arterials.  MABA’s FOCUS includes:


1).  STREET LIGHTING PROJECT:  The McLoughlin Boulevard LED street lighting project is well underway.  The lighting addition and/or adaptation project along the west side is now complete.  The installation along the east side of the boulevard requires boring under McLoughlin and therefore is projected to be completed between April and September of 2018.


2).  SIDEWALKS & CROSSINGS:   Progress has been made and efforts continue as we strive to insure all members of our community safe access to local businesses, appropriate parking and related services.  Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians deserve well lit and clearly designated paths for ingress and egress.  As you may know, there have been a significant number of pedestrian fatalities on McLoughlin Boulevard in recent months.  ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) is working toward the installation of two flashing crosswalks which would cross McLoughlin Boulevard at Boardman Avenue and Hull Avenue.  MABA’s focus will continue to be directed to the construction of contiguous sidewalks on McLoughlin Boulevard, Jennings Avenue and Addie Road.  With the soon to commence construction of the Boardman Wetland Project, safe and appropriate pedestrian access to the site, via Jennings and Addie, are critical.


3).  SIGN COMPLIANCE:  The unincorporated area of Clackamas County has clear standards for signage and advertising however all business operators are not informed of the code and therefore some are  not in compliance.  Signage should be customer friendly, clearly stated and aesthetically pleasing all of which will create an environment which encourages exchange. (people to retail; business to business).  Please find information relating to the sign code on the Clackamas County website.


4).  SAFETY FOR ALL:  MABA members’ businesses (property, people, and products) must be kept safe at all times and on all days.  A recent rise in unwanted trespassers and houseless loiterers makes partnering with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department imperative.  Officer Sara McClurg, of the Crime Prevention Unit, offers an open dialogue with solutions to managing unwanted visitors.  Contact Officer McClurg at 503 785-5077 for details about the County’s helpful and free ‘Exclusion Program’. 

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